New Born Rental Package

OsoCozy All in One Newborn Rental Package

OsoCozy All in One Newborn Rental Package
OsoCozy All in One Newborn Rental Package
 You will receive 24 used size small OsoCozy All in One Diapers which fit 7-13 lbs and do not need a cover. Use the diapers for 3 months and then mail back or return to Diapers will arrive 2 weeks before your due date, if baby arrives sooner just let us know.
When your rental period is over return (you pay return postage) and receive $35 back at time of return.  That works out to renting the diapers for $22/month.
Also includes the rental of a hanging diaper pail and 3 stay dry doublers.
Great way to diaper if:
  •  you're just starting out
  •  before one size diapers fit
  •  before diapers from last child fit
OsoCozy AIO description:
The first and only all-in-one cloth diaper made of the same wonderfully soft 100% cotton gauze that prefolds have been made of for the past 50 years.  The OsoCozy All-In-One features a contoured form fitting shape with a soft PUL (Poly Urathane Laminate) waterproof liner and durable Aplix brand hook and loop closures.  The interior gauze layering is a little thicker than in typical prefolds to provide extra absorbency.  However, because of the light weight gauze fabric this all-in-one diaper dries faster than typical all-in-ones.  Available in white, aqua and light green outer covers. Manufactured in the USA by stay at home moms and grand moms!  A wonderfully simple and basic all-in-one cloth diaper at a great low price.
Diaper Sizes
Approximate Baby Weight

Stitching Color
Layering (side -middle -side)
6 to 13 lbs. Peach 4X12X4
 1 packages available beginning January 1, 2011
Allowable detergents – Method Free and Clear, Purex Free and Clear, Charlies Soap, Rockin Green, Thirsties Super Wash, SoapNuts(all brands).  Please email me to be approved to use another soap.

Please email to ensure availablity around your due date before ordering.
If the diapers aren't working for you or your baby outgrows them before the 3 months rental is up please let us know and we will adjust the credit based on the monthly rental fee.
Price: $100.00
Expected Due Date:
Agree: You must have a smoke free home to participate in this program. If anyone smokes in your home, including outdoor smokers, you are not eligible for this program.
Agree: You will be provided with specific use and care (storage and washing) instructions for the diapers. It is imperative that you follow these instructions.
Agree: Your kit must be returned on time; there will be a $30 late fee charged against your deposit if your kit is returned late. If returned more than 2 weeks late all of your deposit(store credit) is forfeit.
Copy and paste the expected due date and agreement statement in your email.  Indicating that you agree to each section.